From time to time Ibrahim Hasan is asked to comment and analyse news stories and headlines where there is a data protection, freedom of information or surveillance law angle.

Click below to listen to a selection of recent interviews:

Private Investigators: The Independent

15th July 2011 - Read Here

Ibrahim was asked to comment on the legality of the tactics used by private investigators offering surveillance services. This followed the controversy about allegations of phone hacking at the News of the World.


Public Sector Surveillance: Real Radio (Yorkshire)

News Bulletins 10th August 2009 (pm)

Ibrahim was asked to comment on the extent and nature of public sector surveillance by public bodies using the powers under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act. This followed the publishing of a report by the Interception of Communications Commissioner.

Misuse of Data by the Police : Radio 5 Live

Donal MacIntyre Programme 6th April 2008 (7.45pm) - Listen Here

This followed an FOI request by the BBC to all police forces in the UK which revealed that:

There were 500 incidents across the UK of police and support staff accessing the police national database and records. The figures cover 2005 to Jan 2007. All levels of people are making illegal searches - support staff, constables, sergeants. For a whole range of reasons. Domestic reasons... searching for info on ex partners, family members eg. Checking crime complaint record about son. Right through to officers handing over info to criminals. Eg a Police Constable was sentenced to 10 months after passing on info to criminals.

Some forces have a lot of info on violations whereas other have nothing. This could be because some have a bad problem and others are whiter than white. But quite likely that it's because some forces don't record violations or even conduct regular spot checks.

Surveillance in Local Government: Radio 4

Today on Radio 4 with John Humphreys 6th February 2008 - Listen Here

This interview followed the story in February 2008 about the police bugging conversations between Sadiq Khan MP and a constituent charged with terrorist offences. It raised the profile of surveillance carried out under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000.


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